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*crawls out of cave*

Hello everyone! These past couple of days have been pretty insane, y/y? I've been pretty busy lately with work and hanging out with my family/friends, and I'm glad for those distractions because I needed them after seeing JE. But I have been reading everyone's reactions and explanations on my flist and I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for being the awesome people that you are, because without you, I wouldn't have been able to handle all of this. *hugs*

Anyway, last night I watched the the confidential, finally, and THAT scene melted my a very good way. :D So what did I do right after seeing said scene? Why, put it in slow motion of course! \o/ 

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OMFG CHECK THIS OUT FELLOW TWILIGHT FANS!!!!!!! :D (even if you're not a Twilight fan, this movie looks like it's going to be kick ass!) 

ETA: Crap, the video's not working for some reason, grr. Here's the link instead:

I'm so so so so so SOOOO excited!! \o/ 

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LMAO, I love these two SO MUCH. XD

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Oh, the wonderful Mr. David Tennant. I can't even begin to describe how incredibly amazing he is. So, instead, here's a picspam of some of my favorite pictures of him! 

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I was rewatching New Earth this morning and the Doctor's line about Rose being "all pink and yellow" cracked me up for the millionth time. I also enjoyed the fact that he practically undressed her with his eyes when he said it. 


Anyway. Here's a picspam of the Doctor undressing Rose with his eyes  Rose being "all pink and yellow." AKA: Lots of smiley/goofy/adorkable/awesome pictures of the Doctor and Rose which feature Rose wearing pink or yellow clothing. Because any excuse is a good excuse for a Doctor/Rose picspam! ;)

Oh my. It seems I got carried away once again. XD Oh well; it made waiting for the new DW episode more enjoyable. :D Today, dear flist, today!! \o/

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Sometimes my real life ties in very nicely with my nerdy obsessions and my Geoscience course is a great example of this.

My Geoscience class consists of three different parts: Earthquakes, Glaciers and Volcanoes. We just ended the glacier section last week and today we started the volcano section. Now, just the fact that it was a "volcano day" made me giggle. But then, my professor began speaking about Pompeii and I let out a little squeak of glee. The person sitting next to me in the lecture hall gave me the strangest look; it was a mixture of horror, laugter and bemusement and it made me laugh so hard. I was them reprimanded by the professor and proceeded to shut up after that. *headdesk* But for the rest of the class all I could think about was The Fires of Pompeii and how frickin' excited I am to see it. XD 

Two days! \o/
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It's 50 degrees outside!!!! \o/

That may not be a big deal to many of you, but for me it's like living on the friggin' sun :D After going through -20, -30, -40, even -50 degree weather all winter (with healthy doses of ice fog), I can officially say spring has sprung in Alaska. *jumps in the melting puddles of snow*

To celebrate, here's a Doctor/Rose picspam featuring the all of the times the Doctor and Rose have been outside. Yes, probably the most ridiculous theme for a picspam, but it's the Doctor and Rose and they could be in the middle of a dung heap and I'd still do a picspam of them in that dung heap. Yeah.

I'm going to get on with the picspam now before my brain comes up with more stupid scenarios. XD 
Two more days!!!!!! :D

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Yup, it's goin' around the flist.

I will never get tired of this pic. :D

SUCH DORKS XD They are extremely happy here. Makes you wonder what they were up to before this... ;)

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New Series 4 trailer! (some slight spoilers, but nothing huge)

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I really wish I had friends in college that were as obsessed with Doctor Who as I am. They are already tired of me freaking out about the new series and it hasn't even started yet! They haven't even come close to seeing how fanatical I can get :P muahahaha

But I don't care; I can be an obsessed, fanatical, Doctor Who fangirl on my LJ :D And this means I can do a picspam of Nine because, you guessed it, there are only 9 days left! \o/

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In honor of there being only 10(ish) days until Series 4 starts, I give you... 

I told myself I was only going to do three pictures for each Reason...but I, uh, got a bit carried away :D


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