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A Doctor/Rose picspam of (somewhat) epic proportions
...this is what existence demands... )

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It's finally here! I hope you all enjoy! Thank you so much again to everyone who contributed! Without you, this post full of love and squee would have never happened. :) 

Part 2
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Today is the last day to submit your contributions to the Epic Doctor/Rose Post Project. So if you haven't already commented about your favorite Doctor/Rose moment, or shared your favorite fics, videos, quotes, pictures, etc., what are you waiting for? Share the Doctor/Rose love! :)

Please submit all contributions here.

Thanks again everyone! :D 

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Hello again! :)

This is just another reminder that I'm still gathering contributions for the Epic Doctor/Rose Post Project.

The last day you can submit your contribution(s) will be Thursday, June 12.

Please post your favorite Doctor/Rose moments, picspams, favorite fics, videos, quotes, etc. here. Comments are still screened.

Thank you so much again to everyone who has contributed so far! :D 

Have a marvelous Monday!  :)
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I'm still gathering contributions for the Epic Doctor/Rose Post Project and will be for a while so that people can have time to figure out their favorite Doctor/Rose moments, or to find links to various Doctor/Rose stuff. I've already received some wonderful contributions, so a big thank you to all of you who have contributed thus far! :D

Remember, I want the end result to be EPIC, so feel free to post as many of your favorite moments as you'd like! :D And they don't even have to be your favorite moments. You can post your favorite Doctor/Rose fanvids, your favorite pictures of the Doctor and Rose, your favorite fanfics, quotes, etc.

I'll keep gathering contributions until sometime between June 10 - June 15. I'll post reminders now and then for everyone because I know posts tend to get lost amongst others in the crazy world that is the flist. :)

Thanks again! :D
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Dearest fellow Doctor/Rose shippers, I think we need some Doctor/Rose love. After Silence in the Library, I practically bathed myself in S1 and S2 to get some of those warm fuzzies back in my system. 

Now, I would like to compile an epic Doctor/Rose post that consists of pictures, quotes, etc. And I need your help. 

If you want to, I'd love it if you could comment below with your favorite Doctor/Rose moment (or moments, it doesn't matter how many you post), including pictures and quotes from that moment, as well as an explanation of why you love that scene so much. You can also post anything else you want (quotes from the actors/TPTB, links to videos, metas, etc), as long as it revolves around Doctor/Rose. 

My goal is to gather up all the comments and post one gigantic Doctor/Rose love fest. :D 

I'm going to screen the comments so that the end result will be more of a...surprise, I guess you could say. I will include the usernames of all the participants in the (hopefully) gigantic post alongside the comments they made, unless you don't want me to include your username. If you don't, just leave a note at the end of your comment. :) And if you have any suggestions of what we should title this epic post, please share them! :D

And please spread the word! I would love to get as many participants as possible. :)
Thank you! :D


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