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Ever since I was 10, I've loved taking photos. Of course, when I was 10, I was obsessed with Power Rangers and Beanie Babies, so pictures would usually revolve around them. XD But now, thankfully, I have turned to nature photography. Specifically, Alaskan scenery. 

I thought I'd share some of the pictures I've taken over the last few years with all of you because I adore Alaska so much and I want others to see some of its beauty! :) That sounded incredibly cheesy, but it's true. XD

Some examples:


*le sigh*

Apr. 15th, 2008 04:59 pm
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Have you ever had one of those days where your brain feels like it's just something lumpy that's taking up space in your skull?

Yeah, me too.

Today my Geoscience professor was talking about fumaroles in volcanoes and how they are the areas of the volcanoes that release gas. I (being the dumbass deaf idiot that I am) thought she said "funerals are where they release gas." 

So, I'm sitting there with a look that probably resembled this: O_O 

And what do I do when she pauses during the lecture? I raise my hand and proceed to ask, "How are funerals related to volcanoes?"


Let's just say I provided plenty of entertainment for my fellow classmates this morning.

*plans to never leave dorm again*

Because a story about me embarassing the hell out of myself isn't that exciting, here are two Doctor/Rose photos as your reward for reading my idiotic anecdote. :D

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Sometimes my real life ties in very nicely with my nerdy obsessions and my Geoscience course is a great example of this.

My Geoscience class consists of three different parts: Earthquakes, Glaciers and Volcanoes. We just ended the glacier section last week and today we started the volcano section. Now, just the fact that it was a "volcano day" made me giggle. But then, my professor began speaking about Pompeii and I let out a little squeak of glee. The person sitting next to me in the lecture hall gave me the strangest look; it was a mixture of horror, laugter and bemusement and it made me laugh so hard. I was them reprimanded by the professor and proceeded to shut up after that. *headdesk* But for the rest of the class all I could think about was The Fires of Pompeii and how frickin' excited I am to see it. XD 

Two days! \o/
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Things I find incredibly awesome at this very moment:

--Fresh Express' 50/50 salad mix consisting of baby spinach, baby romaine and baby leaf with Marie's honey dijon dressing

--Kiwi-strawberry Glaceau Vitamin Water

--Episode 9 of Season 3 of Bones (OMG THE KISS)

--Episode 1 of Series 4 of Doctor Who (OMG THAT PERSON)

Things I find incredibly not awesome at this very moment:

--The people living in the dorm above me (I don't even wanna know who/what is making those disturbing sounds)

--The fact that there are still 3 days until the next Doctor Who episode (I need it NOW D:)

--The suspicious smell coming from somewhere in my dorm

--Snow/winter in general (ARE YOU THERE, SPRING? IT'S ME, JENNY)

*goes off to find chocolate and watch PiC for the hundreth time*

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*opens blank Microsoft Word document*

"How does who you are impact how you will teach?"

Hmm.  *types on document* Currently my life revolves around a television show called Doctor Who; it's about a time-traveling alien and his female companion traveling through, obviously, time and space and saving the universe. When I'm a teacher, the fact that I'm a major fanigrl of this amazing show will impact my lessons in a positive manner. The children will learn important lessons about the dangers of shop window dummies, how and when the Earth will cease to exist, what to do when aliens, Daleks or Cybermen invade Earth, and why brown pinstriped suits are better than blue suits of doom. They will also learn about true love in a lesson that will revolve around the characters the Doctor and Rose, and said lesson will take approximately half of the school year. We will examine the moments the Doctor and Rose hug and hold hands, as well as the moments when they are the definition of awesome. We'll also explore their positive outlook on life. This lesson about the Doctor and Rose will teach the children about bravery, love, friendship, fun, and the mechanics of a space ship called the TARDIS. In conclusion, my obsession over Doctor Who will impact my future teaching methods extremely positively .

What do you think? Will my professor give me an A on this paper? XD

BAH. Real life, you are a pain in the ass.

*minimizes Word document*

*watches PiC again* 

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It's 50 degrees outside!!!! \o/

That may not be a big deal to many of you, but for me it's like living on the friggin' sun :D After going through -20, -30, -40, even -50 degree weather all winter (with healthy doses of ice fog), I can officially say spring has sprung in Alaska. *jumps in the melting puddles of snow*

To celebrate, here's a Doctor/Rose picspam featuring the all of the times the Doctor and Rose have been outside. Yes, probably the most ridiculous theme for a picspam, but it's the Doctor and Rose and they could be in the middle of a dung heap and I'd still do a picspam of them in that dung heap. Yeah.

I'm going to get on with the picspam now before my brain comes up with more stupid scenarios. XD 
Two more days!!!!!! :D

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Oh my goodness, it's been quite a while, hasn't it? 



Jun. 23rd, 2007 09:58 pm
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So. What has been happening to me since February, you ask? 



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