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"Now, are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then we'll begin."

The Wire is quite creepy in this first scene. Perhaps it's because she's not constantly screaming "HUNGRY! HUNGRY!".
But we'll get to that later.
There are prettier things to look at right now.

"I thought we'd be going for the Vegas era, you know- the white flares and the rrrr...chest hair."
"You are kidding, aren't you? You wanna see Elvis, you go in the late 50's! The time before burgers! When they called him 'the Pelvis' and he still had a waist."

See? Much prettier!
I absolutely adore the little growl Rose does in this scene. :D
And how freakin' adorable is it that the Doctor and Rose got all dressed up to see Elvis? Elvis! You can't get any better than that.

"You goin' my way, doll?"
"Is there any other way to go, daddy-o? Straight from the fridge, man!"

Okay, I lied. It can get better. :D Throw in a moped, Elvis impersonations, matching helmets and sunglasses, and moped!cuddling, and you get the cutest damn scene ever.

"And that'll be TV studios in, what - New York?"
"That's the one!"
"Digging that New York vibe!"
"Well... this COULD still be New York, I mean this looks very New York to me... sort of... London-y New York, mind..."

Bwah, you gotta love the Doctor's TARDIS piloting skillz. :D
And we also start to see Mr. Connelly's douchebaggery. Such a nice man.

"What Coronation's that, then?"
"What d'you mean? THE Coronation."
"The Queen's! ...Queen Elizabeth!"
"Oh! Oh, is this 1953?

I lovingly refer to this as one of the Doctor's Dumbass Moments. *pets* And Rose brilliantly recognizes right away that there are way too many TV aerials on this "normal" street. I would have never caught something like that. XD
I love the posh accent the Doctor puts on towards the end of his "OMG THIS IS BRILLIANT" speech. :D These two are just so giddy in this episode. *LOVES*

"Monsters, that boy said...maybe we should go and ask the neighbors."
"That's what I like about you. The domestic approach."
"Thank you....Hold on, was that an insult?"

He meant to say "That's what I love about you" but he was too distracted by how close Rose's face was to his. Not to mention her arms wrapped around his waist. Poor boy.
And how is it that the Doctor and Rose were always thisclose to each other, yet never so much as gave each other a peck on the cheek (besides the ending of series 1), let alone snog the life out of each other? Because you know they both wanted to SO BADLY. THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME. I've asked my scientists to do some research on this phenomenon. I'll let you know what they come up with.

"We can't just lock her away."
"Excuse me, sunshine - I am talking! And you can forget that college nonsense. You're going to come and work alongside me, get your hands dirty for once!"

Hey everybody! It's time for the Eddie Connelly Bastard Hour! Gather 'round and he'll tell you a story. But don't ask him any questions; he'll shout and wag his finger at you!


Where are the Doctor and Rose when you need them?


Here they are! :D They will defeat all douchebaggery with their OTP powers. (I love Rose's face in that second cap. XD)
Ten is taking charge of the situation and I love every second of it. :D

"'Scuse me, Mr. Connelly, hang on a minute! Union Jacks?"
"Yes, that's right, isn't it?"
That's the Union Flag. It's the Union Jack only when it's flown at sea."
Oh... oh, I'm sorry, I do apologise!"
Well, don't get it wrong again, there's a good man. Now get to it!"

hahahaha, one of my very favorite Rose moments. <3 And the Doctor's face makes it absolutely BRILLIANT.

"Right then! Nice and comfy, at Her Majesty's leisure!...Union Flag?"
Mum went out with a sailor."
Oohohohoo! I bet she did!"

LMAO of course Jackie went out with a sailor! Of course she did.
And here we see Rose being comforting and caring for someone she just met. She's just fabulous, isn't she? <3

"I am talking!"
And I'm not listening! Now you, Mr. Connelly, are staring into a deep, dark PIT of trouble if you don't let me help. So I'm ordering you - SIR! - to tell me what's going on!"

HELL. YEAH. The Oncoming Storm coming out to kick some ass.
And you know Rose is TOTALLY turned on right now.

I am would be.

"Her face is completely gone.Scarcely an electrical impulse left. Almost complete neural shutdown, she's ticking over, like her brain has been... wiped clean."

The faceless people might be cheesy to some, but they honestly freak me out. *shudder*

"I'm going, I'm done! Nice to meet you Tommy, Mrs Connolly. And as for you, Mr Connolly, only an idiot hangs the Union Flag upside-down. Shame on you!"

lol Roooosssseee. You're killing me with your awesome ways. And lmao at Ten's face in that first cap. THAT WILL NEVER NOT BE HILARIOUS.

"Mr Magpie, something's happening out there. Ordinary people are being struck down and changed, and the only new thing in the house is a television. Your television. What's going on?"

I love love LOVE the fact that Rose is doing her own investigating without the Doctor. Just further proof that she can handle situations on her own, and she knows just what to look out for when investigating. I mean, yeah, she got her face sucked off, but still! She figured it all out!

And speaking of face sucking, that special effect totally reminds me of this:

HARRY POTTER/DOCTOR WHO CROSSOVER Y/Y?? The Wire is the Dementors' aunt's cousin's nephew's sister twice removed! IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

"Start from the beginning. Tell me everything you know."

I really like the camera angles and the parallels in this scene. So well done and very amusing.

"They left her where?"
" the street."
"In the street. They left her in the street. They took her face and just chucked her out and left her in the street. And as a result, that makes things... simple. Very, very simple. Do you know why?"
"Because NOW, Detective Inspector Bishop, there is no power on this Earth that can stop me. Come on!"

OH HELL NO. THE METAPHORICAL POO HAS HIT THE METAPHORICAL FAN NOW. If I wasn't so turned on by the Doctor's anger/protectiveness/fury, I'd be terrified right about now.

Oh, and the "Know her? She..." line kills me every time. She what, Doctor? SHE'S YOUR SOUL MATE? SHE'S THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE? SHE LOVES CHIPS? Any one of those lines would have sufficed.

"You don't get it, do you? You fought AGAINST fascism, remember? People telling you how to live - who you could be friends with - who you could fall in love with - who could live and who had to die. Don't you get it? You were fighting so that little twerps like me could DO what we want. SAY what we want. Now you've become just like them. You've been informing on everyone, haven't you? Even gran. All to protect your precious reputation."

You tell him, Tommy! \o/ I really like the fact that the Doctor didn't rush Tommy in this scene, even though he was so desperate to save Rose (l mean, you can actually see the anger pouring out of him *shiver*). He knew Tommy had to confront his father himself to end Eddie's abusive control over the family.

"I want my friend restored and I think that's beyond a little backstreet electrician so tell me, who's really in charge here?"

The angry cockatoo has been set free from his cage and is on the hunt. Mothers, hide your children in their rooms.

Also: LICKING! \o/ And angry!licking at that. :D

*wibbles* His face in that third cap is just...guh. I want to cuddle him and stroke his feathers hair and tell him everything's going to be okay.

"Armed! He's armed and clever! Withdraw! Withdraw!"

I laugh every time the D.I. says "Good lord - color television!" because, really, D.I.? That's the only thing that's surprising to you? XD

I really like that the Wire says "clever" instead of dangerous. The Doctor's cleverness is what makes him dangerous to crazy aliens like her.

"Oh! I'm sorry sir! Shouldn't you be at the coronation?"
"They're saving me a seat!"

lol, King of Belgium. And the Doctor is building a VCR while running. Bloody brilliant. :D

"Sorted. Electrical creature, TV technology, clever alien life form - that's me by the way. I turned the receiver back into a transmitter and I trapped the Wire in here.I just invented the home video 30 years earlier. Betamax."

Hee. The scribbled-out Gallifreyan writing is adorable. :D And yes, I skipped over lots of bits, like Magpie dying and whatnot, but that's usually how it goes when I'm actually watching the episode. XD I want to get to the hugging, damnit!

"The Doctor scans the crowds for Rose - and spots her at about exactly the time she spots him. A wide smile spreads across her face, which the Doctor returns, quickening his pace towards her. She laughs, just so happy to see him again and he throws his arms around her, lifting her right off the ground in a huge hug. She clings to him, grinning widely and burying her face in his shoulder."

That description is from the transcript site that I use when I'm doing these picspams. It pretty much sums up this beautiful scene perfectly. <3 Clinging! Huge grins! Laughing! Oh, how we missed it all.

"He's an idiot."
"Course he is. Like I said, he's your dad. But you're clever. Clever enough to save the world so don't stop there. Go on!"

Aww, Rose is, once again, absolutely brilliant in this scene. She knows what it's like to go through life without a dad and doesn't want Tommy to have the same experience, especially since his dad is still alive. I love how the Doctor watches her throughout this scene, too. <3

And so, the Doctor and Rose drank their Tang, went back to the TARDIS, had fantastic omg-you're-alive-don't-ever-leave-me-again sex, and lived happily ever after.

The End.

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